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a third entry.

i have found it pretty amazing how she could keep secrecy and raise it to block any therapy trying to get a little happiness inside before i can sound alarms so loud, security guards will beat me to submission. submission with the acception of me not getting any information on what was on your mind that day. and i still wait and listen on most sentences that you've never finished. keeping dots hanging at the end of any conversation that could be screaming to cut off their shackles so that they can live with some bliss and some liquid to continue a false dream. that dream which i also wish to find you. find out about you. and your origin, why it is so confusing. you leave me speechless without a doubt and amaze my thoughts. you turn my corners and make my ideas twist and turn in their blanketed sand beds. my foundation and my book's chapters, you are in every page. for each page would have your name in each paragraph. and each paragraph would explain to you that this chapter is only about what defines her, for what this page is stalking her idealistic mind, beautiful face, topped with any imaginary supplement, enhancing her features, through mouth. kiss and talk. make up mistakes later and think of the present happenings. so at least, it could be written in some journal, some notebook, without this shield, this secrecy, that barracades this bond. asundering two.
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