tagaholic (treble_exposure) wrote,

Exits have Entrances.

Nearly a year later, I write in this book of repeated history. I'm back, different. The heat of this season has been nothing but fucking great. So recap this year:

-Hesler Villatoro and I started a band called, ANASTON. Pron.:[Anna-St-On] "To view clearly without disruption." Record Deal is chancing this month.
-NEW! friends OLD! friends.
-Decided what I want in the future.
-Read stories and compared them.
-Quit drinking and Smoking. (Except on Occasions?)
-Naive? (Experienced)

-I need a girlfriend. (not so much need but, want)

fucking recap of one whole year and only seven events. let me finish off a year's worth of wisdom.

As if I've cut myself away from the surface of this reality. I've shun my regrets and bathed them in melted steel. I can now vision these burdens as statues, to remember them as monuments, i could now see how bad I fucked up in my past life. I am weightless within my mind, I'm panning the inside out of my plaqued walls. I dose off into a zero gravity warfare of everlasting lust and passion, will i take the seriousness of consequence? I am falling into the sky, passing clouds, i shiver upon the cold thin layers of space, i watch the land mass drowned in sulfuric hydrogen pace its way on a revolving belt. I've come to this conclusion, as if I've cut myself away from the surface of this reality.. am I any different? from anyone?

"Life isn't too short, so I'm going to sleep."
--Robert Froste

KUDOS yalls.
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