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I have finally realized, you can't be real, you can't be fake. we are the mediocre subsides of an oath broken into compostition waiting to be rejuvinated by false truths, blank pictures, and troubled percussion. senses have failed the S.A.T. and kept the volume at a minimum. fuck, i count every second of the day waiting for night, so i could sleep and reflect what hasn't already happened yesterday. most of the time life is pointless but, faith has come to most, let me live another day, let good happen to my kin. bullshit it is, test your faith and show me a thunderbolt straight down on the black asphalt God. let me believe, our soul, what the fuck can we be, we are the ethers, the fucking stars right out of the sky, waiting to shoot like a 50 calibur, except our impacts will be greater than tenfold.

grow up i say to the immature deliquents that curse with profanity that still use the same lines as they did in jr. high. life is not about what social publicity stunt you star in, it's not the shoes you dress with to impress the ladies for what they're good for. look for some real beauty and take another look at the one's who sent their attention postal to hell, and isn't expecting a return-to-sender. show dynamics of how real people contact without kissing affection and love notes, vigor will only take you for granted, fuck that shit and throw a fucking allocution during dinner, don't be a bitch, don't hesitate to speak your mind, weak hearts tend to do that.

the real cold-hearted leave you lifeless and dead on the floor, soaking up the drool from the floor. give it some time to co-operate and leave planet earth for a day. spend time in consideration, fuck the world just for the moment. we have the average age of 70 until we supposedly die. fuck age, let go and make do.
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