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"Vagueness of the Crying Immaturity"

once again, i have made life vaguely familiar and more extended.

over time i gain'd an esteem upon which, is usually held down by commentary.

i can use perseverance to make atomies disappear without a trace.

traces that copied others patterns and ways of expressing.

they used that replica because they have no thought of their own.

being anti-social for the past 3 months has made me gain so much.
much more than petty talents that would appease others but a change.
i have taken life by the hair and beat it down to become my slave.
i have hurt life and i have made it suffer.
i saw through pain and sickness. i gained benefits from the negativities.
i learned to fade.

"i have found a place where all that sand can be lifted off my fucking eyes."
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